Homemade Marshmellows!

Many, many thanks to Angela for linking this site on her fabulous blog. I will definitely be trying this out and many others I have been drooling over this morning!


  1. Happy to join your drooling party! Those marshmallows look amazing...

  2. OK, so I made homemade marshmallows the other day. I used Deb's recipe from Smitten Kitchen, which was similar but included the addition of egg whites after beating the snot out of the sugar syrup and gelatin mixture. I used meringue powder because I knew I'd be serving this to my kids and mother, but they turned out great! I'm interested to try it without the addition of the egg whites.

  3. Gretchen, my sister-in-law Margot and I have big plans to make this over Christmas so I am very excited to hear about you trying it. If you try it again let me know!